Foosball Shots Animated

Bank Shot

Foosball Bank Shot

The bank shot is an indirect shot at the goal. It can be performed by any row but usually the two defense playes are used.

The trick is to find the right timing and angle to get past all opponents.

Pull Kick Shot

Foosball Pull Kick Shot

The pull kick shot is one of the easiest shots and often learned first by novice players. It basically consists of a pass from one of the left side player to the middle player who then shoots either straight or sprays.

While it is one of the easiest to learn, it is also one of the easiest to block. One can spice it up by changing speed and timing to throw the defense off.

Push Kick Shot

Foosball Push Kick Shot

The push kick shot is the reverse of the pull kick shot. Instead of a pass towards you (pull) you play a pass from the right offense player to the middle (push) and then let this player shoot the goal.

Pull Shot

Foosball Pull Shot

The pull shot is a very effective and versatile shot. Instead of passing the ball to another player, the player with the ball pulls the ball past the defense and then shoots himself.

Usually the middle offense player is used but it can also be performed by the left attacker.

Push Shot

Foosball Push Shot

The push shot is the inverse of the pull shot. Instead of pulling the ball past the defense, you push it and then shoot.

Typically, the middle offense player is used but you can also use the right attacker or even shoot from a defense rod.

Snake Shot

Foosball Snake Shot

The snake shot is more advanced and used by many professionals in tournaments. This shot is almost always performed by the middle attacker. Unlike other shots, the player is not behind the ball when setting up the shot but on top of it.

You can then move the player left and right which changes the angle in which the ball would be hit. Once you see an opening the defense, you spin the rod 359° to hit the ball from behind.

Often it is hard to get a full rotation of the rod with your hand alone. This is way many professionals, put the wrist or forearm on the rod and pull it up to get speed and a full rotation.

Spray Shot

Foosball Spray Shot

The spray shot is any shot that is not straight. It can be combined with any other shot technique. Once you master a shot, you can try adding a spray component so that you can surprise the defense by shooting in the corners instead of the middle.

Tic-Tac Shot

Foosball Tic-Tac Shot

The tic-tac shot is a bit more advanced as you need solid ball control. The ball is passed multiple times between offense players until you can see an opening in the defense. You then shoot quickly either straight or with a spray.