The App to Track your Foosball Matches

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Table football is fun. This foosball app ups the ante by tracking matches, keeping a history, collecting achievements, and ranking friends or co-workers.

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Awesome Features


Keeping track

Detailed statistics will be collected for every player and for every team combination that has ever played.


Achievements galore!

Play hard and earn desirable achievements in the process to show off your fame.


Nobody shall forget

Every match is kept in a history so you can remind your opponents exactly when and how you beat them.


Rank up

Show your opponent how much they should fear you. There are six ranks from noob to master that you can reach.


Variable team size

You pick your battle, 1 vs. 1 or team matches 2 vs. 2. Pick your partner or let fate decide.


Let others know

Match results can be pushed to your slack channel to let others know what's what.

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What's awesome about kicktrack?

Kicktrack comes with plenty of features that make table soccer matches even more fun. Here's just a few of them.

Get Playing in no Time

Kicktrack is all about making foosball more fun and not getting in the way. Starting a match takes only a few taps. You can create your own matches, let fate decide, or pick one of the suggested match combinations.

A player is not in the room for some time? No problem, deactivate him. Matchmaking is too hard? No problem, you can see player ranks to pick fair and exciting matches.

quick match

Track, Rank, Achieve

Just playing is fun but let's be honest, you want to know who's best. Kicktrack simply tracks everything and compiles detailed statistics for each player.

You think you've done it all? Outranked everybody on the scoreboard? But have you collected all the achievements yet? There's always another peak to reach.

Host Tournaments

Besides continuous player performance tracking you can even host tournaments with up to 128 free guest players.

Supported tournament types include league-style (all vs. all), classic elimination, and group phase + elimination mode (just like the soccer world cup).

slack integration

Become Famous

If you score a goal alone on the table and nobody saw it, did it really happen? To make sure all your co-players hear about your glorious victory, Kicktrack comes with a slack integration.

After each match, results are posted to a channel of your choice so others can shiver in fear while learning about your latest match outcome.

Foosball App Screenshots

Have a look at what Kicktrack's table football app has to offer.

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Ticket Prices


free plan


  • up to 6 Players
  • Unlimited Matches
  • Slack Integration
  • 3 Tournaments


stadium plan

$7 /month

  • up to 20 Players
  • Unlimited Matches
  • Slack Integration
  • 100 Tournaments
  • Player Score Histories
  • Weekly Player Digest E-Mails


arena plan

$29 /month

  • up to 100 Players
  • Unlimited Matches
  • Slack Integration
  • Unlimited Tournaments
  • Player Score Histories
  • Weekly Player Digest E-Mails

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