Elevate your Foosball Experience

How the Match Scoring Works

After each match every player gets a score for how well he or she played in that particular match.

Independently of the actual position (defense or offense) the player receives a defense score, an offense score, and a team score (if more than one player per team).

Here's a bit of math:

Kicktrack foosball score explanation

Defense Score: The player gets rewarded if fewer goals are scored against him (goals to win - counter goals). The player also gets rewarded if fewer goals are scored against him than expected. Lastly, the defense score goes up if it takes the opposing player longer than expected to shoot his goals. Expected times and goals are always computed on a per player combination from previous matches. If player A usually scores 3.2 goals per match in 123 seconds on average against player B. The expected counter goals against B is 3.2 and expected time per counter goal is 123 seconds.

Offense Score: The player gets rewarded for every goal he shot. The more goals, the higher the multiplier. Additionally, just like for the defense score, the player gets rewarded if he beats expectations for goals and time per goal.

Team Score: Both players get a team score if they win. The team score is the goal difference with a multiplier.

To sum it up. To get the best possible score, try to shoot many goals, fast, and make your opponent score few goals against you and if he does, make sure it takes him some time.

How to setup Slack for Kicktrack Messages

If you are using Slack you are in for a treat. Kicktrack can send several messages to a slack channel of your choice.

Match Reviews:

Kicktrack foosball slack integration

Tournament Standing:

Kicktrack foosball slack integration

To set it up, simply follow the steps for custom webhooks explained by Slack (takes less than 2 minutes).

After that, simply take the webhook URL and put it in the "Slack Webhook URL" field in your settings.

How to setup NFC Game Starts

You can program your own NFC tags to start matches. Here's how:

  1. Get a free NFC app, e.g. NFC Tools
  2. Get some cheap programmable NFC tags, e.g. one of those
  3. Program your tag like this: Kicktrack NFC setup
  4. Now just unlock your phone, get close to the tag and the new match screen will appear. Game on even faster now :)

Kicktrack Trophies

The real fun begins if players get rewarded. We have a couple of 3D printable trophies. Feel free to download and print them with your own 3D printer or any online service of your choice.

Trophy 1: Player of the Week

Download Trophy 1 (3D file)

Trophy 2: Tournament Cup

Download Trophy 2 (3D file)

Trophy 3: Tournament MVP

Download Trophy 3 (3D file)